Singapore National Day Parade 2022

I was commissioned by Finding Pictures to create one of the stage visuals for the Singapore National Day Parade 2022. The motion graphics were shown on a 60m LED screen during the Parade.

The idea of the animation is “Speed and Movement” which shows the transition from Peranakan patterns to the pulse-quickening neon streaks of modernity—a visual ode to the development of Singapore.

This animation here is only one of the tiny parts that I've helped design and animate. Super fun project, kudos to the team!

Storyboard sketch

Some of these styleframes are purely experimental. At this point, all I care about is if the pacing of the animation right and when should be the fastest “climax” part.

Refined Styleframes

Once I have the palette in mind, I stick with it until the end of the frame so that the animation look cohesive.

Process Video

Here I breakdown some of the scenes and what I did to achieve certain effects. Software: After Effects, Cinema 4D


Studio: Finding Pictures

Art Direction: Jerrold Chong

Producer: Joanne Lin

Design & Animation: Zack Lee

Thanks so much for viewing! ✨🙌

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