Animography - A Word A Week

My contribution to this year’s “A Word A Week” hosted by an animated type foundry.

Animography release a new animation by a new artist each week. It features a single word, set in an animated typeface from their collection. The artist will comes up with the word and gets complete creative freedom with it.

I choose the word “Chroma” which is vividness & saturation in other word, and create everything based on my usual works with usage of saturated colors. Entire piece was then tie together with sound design I created using FL Studio.

Shapes Exploration

I try to stick with consistant color scheme with the shapes exploration, using basic design principles such as balance, repetition & contrast as my starting point. I then try to find similar shapes in each scene and try to connect everything together with the power of animation. 

Thank you!

Design, Animation, Audio: Zack Lee

Typeface: Gilbert from Animography

Zack Lee 2024 ® All right reserved.